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Making graphs with QuickPlotLib
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Programming guide
QuickPlotLib reference
See the information about each command of QuickPlotLib, SmileLab's high-level plotting library, in the pages below.
1-d graphs (plot views)
QuickCurve, QuickCurves, QuickScatter, QuickScatters, QuickHistogram, QuickCurveFromTextFile, QuickCurveFit
2-d graphs (planar views)
QuickFormulaMatrix, QuickBitMap, QuickScalarMap, QuickContourMap, QuickVectorPlot, QuickTriangulatedMap, QuickTriangulatedContour, QuickFFT, QuickFFTRe, QuickFFTIm
3-d graphs (view3D)
QuickSurface, QuickFFTSurface
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