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What is SmileLab?
Smile full version, or SmileLab, is a data visualization and automation software.

In SmileLab you can:

  • extract data from files (default data formats supported: text, binary, FITS, XNF, ...),
  • perform data processing using commands provided with Smile or controlling external code (more info),
  • visualize your data in the most usual forms (curves, scatter plots, bar graphs, contour lines, color maps and vector fields in 2D, and 3D surfaces),
  • customize the interaction of the user with the plots (handling mouse clicks, contextual menus, keyboard events...) and create custom interfaces,
  • export your plot as a PDF file, as a bitmap picture (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD) or as a QuickTime movie.

SmileLab gallery

Please visit the gallery. You can also consult the features list.

SmileLab's interface
The SmileLab plotting interface helps you to plot data by importing files, specifying intermediary computations and access display settings.
Use the File ▸ New plot menu to create a plot from scratch, or use the Graphs ▸ Edit settings menu to access the settings of an existing plot.
More info about SmileLab's interface
Scripting SmileLab
You can work by writing scripts which perform the data processing tasks and which make the data visualization graphs. This allows the highest effectivity and versatility: the more you reuse your scripts, the more you improve them. Scripts ensure that you can apply a process to several data without any modification, and can be integrated to a custom interface or to an automatized workflow.

You can do much more things in SmileLab using scripts than in any other visualization because of the very large performance area of AppleScript: you can really adapt your project involving data visualization to the various constraints you encounter. With a script, you can address the various software components of the computer, and perform a variety of tasks: file handling, Internet access, communication with applications, control of UNIX executables, communication with other processes...

More info about scripting SmileLab
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