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QuickCurves(x, y, aList) plots a set of curves such as y1=f1(x), y2=f2(x) etc..

QuickCurves follows the same rules as QuickCurve except that the y parameter should be a list.
  • The list may contain the same kinds of values as the y parameter of QuickCurve. For each item of the y list QuickCurves will plot one curve. All the curves that QuickCurves creates will belong to the same plot view.
  • QuickCurves returns a reference to the first curve it has created (or filled). Consistently, if you want QuickCurves to plot data in a set of already existing curves (which have to be successive curves in the same plot view) pass the reference to the first curve, not the list of the curves, as aList.
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