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SmileLab is a data visualization software based on the working environment Smile. One way to use SmileLab is to run scripts that will read or create data, make visualization objects and eventually cutomize their behavior. This has many benefits to classic interfaces - for example, the automation facilities.


If you are not familiar with Smile, we recommend that you browse the Tutorial, in the Help menu. You will see how to write and run a data visualization script where you would perform an automated data processing task.

You can also consult the Smile documentation - at least what concerns Using AppleScript in Smile - before you read the documentation specific to SmileLab.

Help for writing scripts

The SmileLab scripting examples are another helpful resource to write a data visualization script. They include a number of examples of data processing and of graph customization to help you make the graph as you need it to be. Use those examples to figure what commands to use to perform a specific action or effect.

The SmileLab scripting examples menu

Note also that the plotting interface has a script button that copy a script in the Console window. The script correponds to the settings of the current displayed panel of the plotting interface.

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