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QuickCurveFromTextFile(f, x, ys, skipped, anObject) plots an ASCII data file into one curve or a set of curves.

QuickCurveFromTextFile(f, x, ys, skipped, anObject) expects as f either a tab-separated table of values as a string, or an ASCII file containing such a string.
  • x, an integer, is the index of the column of the table which shall be used as the abscissae.
  • ys is either an integer or a list of integers which specify the indexes of the columns to be used as the ordinates of the new curves.
  • You can specify a number of header rows to be skipped in skipped (by default, provide 0). If you provide 1 for skipped, QuickCurveFromTextFile will attempt to use the first row as the names for the curves.
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