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Data visualization - 2D & 3D plots - High quality outputs - Automation
Gear the visualization to your own data
and capitalize each day's work.

The SmileLab license adds the data visualization features to Smile, the automation environment by Satimage-Software.

You can use SmileLab as a standard visualization software.
But it makes a lot more.

  • tasks automation,
  • interactive data handling,
  • user interface customization,
  • remote communications (over http),
  • external computational codes control.

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Automate your workflows and improve your Mac experience.

Smile is a programming and working environment based on AppleScript.
In Smile you edit AppleScripts, and much more:

  • make Aqua or HTML user interfaces,
  • work with Unicode texts,
  • generate PDF graphics,
  • handle XML documents (DOM, XPATH, XSLT),
  • control RS232 serial communications and electrical I/O devices.
  • communicate with others Smile applications over TCP/IP,
  • receive and handle http requests (cgi and xml-rpc), and make web applications,
  • control Smile in a web browser.

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Smile is the engine of Quomodo, an amazing new networking web site.
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