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QuickContourMap(x, y, z, levels, anObject) displays contour lines for a scalar field. The rules for the data x, y and z are the same as for QuickScalarMap.

You provide the levels for the contours in the levels property: either as a list of values, or as one integer - to specify a number of automatic levels.
set f to "x^2+0.01*y^4+0.05*(x+y)^3"
set s to QuickScalarMap({-10,10}, {-10,10}, f, 0)

set color palette of s to "Saturn"
set v to container of s
set properties of v to {name:"scalar map and contour map", xlabel:"x", ylabel:"y"}

set c to QuickContourMap({-10,10}, {-10,10}, f, 30, v)

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A contour map over the color map of a function
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