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The graphic objects
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The object model
To make graphs (more generally: when you use Smile), you handle objects that Smile (namely, the SmileLab Suite) lets you create - and delete. This is because Smile features a unique scriptable object model.
The graphic window
Smile offers several kinds of windows, e.g. text editing windows or script editing windows. One kind of window of Smile, the graphic window, is where the graphical features take place. You can save graphic windows as PDF files: the size of the white area in the window is the size of the PDF.
Graphic windows are where all graphical features take place.
The graphic views
A graphic window lodges objects which display graphics, the graphic views. graphic view is a virtual class: you will only instantiate sub-classes of the graphic view. The dictionary describes the various sub-classes of the graphic view and what kind of graphs they can contain respectively. A graphic window may contain any number of graphic views.
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