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The planar view
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The planar view displays fields of data that are defined over a 2D space. The planar view may contain several kinds of objects: Two such objects defined in the same planar view will automatically share the same coordinates system.
For instance, you can visualize a scalar map and an associated contour map in the same view.

A common way to draw planar views is to use QuickPlotLib:

Making graphs with QuickPlotLib

Graphic options for the planar view
The graphic options presented above in the section about The chart view object apply to planar views.
Unlike the plot view the planar view does not own a legend frame property. This is because a planar view may lodge several plots (a typical example is a contour map over a color map). Each of those plots owns its own "legend" (actually a color scale). For each of those plots (except for the vector plots, which do not use a color palette) you can choose to hide or to show its color scale by setting accordingly its boolean draw palette property, and you can choose the location for its color scale by setting its legend frame property.
The settings window
The Settings window is a dialog window which lets you edit the properties of the planar views and the properties of their objects (i.e. bitmaps, scalar maps, contour maps and vector plots).
  • to open the Settings window of a planar view pull down its contextual menu (ctrl-click the object) and select Open settings.
  • choose a category (Window, Plot, Axis, Legend or 2D objects) in the Display menu section to access more settings.
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