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The scriptable object model
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The scriptable object model
Smile is an engine which operates scriptable objects and that you control with scripts. The mechanism for controlling an object in your script is always the following:
  1. you create an object,
  2. then you set its properties appropriately.
Thus in order to make graphs you have to know about those Smile's objects which are dedicated to data visualization: Smile's dictionary (Smile ▸ Smile dictionary menu) is where you find the list and the description of all those classes of objects. The page below provides an example of how to use SmileLab's scriptable objects.
Scripts: where to use them
At first, you will just execute the AppleScript instructions in an AppleScript terminal - line-by-line or as a whole. Later you will read how to make your script into a new item in a menu or into a button in a dialog, or how to trigger a script when the user clicks a given area in a window.
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