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The bitmap
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A bitmap displays a raster image of a 2D array of real numbers, in other terms a scalar field that is defined on a periodic 2D lattice. You do not choose the scales: the x axis is the column index and the y axis is the row index. Unlike for the other kinds of plots, the origin is in upper left corner: the first row of data plots at the top.
Providing the bitmap with data
Provide a matrix as the bitmap's data property. The bitmap will map the values into the color palette.
color palette
The color palette may be, either the name of a palette or a list of 4n numbers in the range [0..1], as explained in the chapter about color palettes.
By default the limits property is set to {"auto","auto"}: the bitmap maps the whole range of values into the color palette. To restrict the mapping to some interval of values of data set the limits property to some {zmin, zmax} range.
Graphic options for the bitmap
You can invert the mapping by reversing the palette with the boolean inverted property.
draw palette
You can hide or show the bitmap's color scale with the boolean draw palette property.
legend frame
If shown, you can choose the color scale's location by providing its boundaries as the legend frame property, under the form {x0, y0, dx, dy}. {x0, y0} is the origin of the boundaries respective to the container planar view's coordinates system and {dx, dy} are the sizes. The color progression is horizontal or vertical, according to the aspect ratio of {dx, dy}.
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