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Smile is a programming and working environment that you may want to use in a variety of situations. You may want to perform a scientific work, to handle cgi requests, to automate an intensive file processing task, to produce computed graphics, to edit XML files, to work with Unicode texts, to make GUI of your scripts, etc.

Smile interface

The pages below describe each kind of window that you can use in Smile. Smile's interface uses a small set of kinds of windows (that you can make in the File menu): this is what enables you to fully control Smile by script.

The interface of Smile can be accessed thru the menu bar of Smile or using Smile shortcuts. Note the special menu dedicated to access your own scripts: this is the User Scripts menu.

AppleScript documentation

In Smile, you use a single language, AppleScript, to control every component. AppleScript is the native inter-application language of the Apple machines.

AppleScript's reference documentation, AppleScript Language Guide (ASLG), is available at Apple's site both as HTML and as a PDF file. This is a must-read for any AppleScript scripter.

The first section of Smile's tutorial provides a short description of AppleScript and how to use scripts in Smile.

Scripting Smile

The main component that you will control with AppleScript is Smile itself. The following links explain how to use Smile by script. NB: You may need to read first the section about Using AppleScript in Smile.

Technologies included

Smile includes several technologies that enhance its adaptability to your projects:

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