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Smile and Satimage text suites

Smile and Satimage.osax define many text commands that are documented in the Smile dictionary and in the Satimage.osax dictionary.

Most of Smile's commands support Unicode. If you are not yet clear about the relations between Unicode and AppleScript, please consult Unicode and AppleScript.

Text search-and-replace in Smile
  • Smile offers a Find dialog where you can perform text search and replace in a window. The Find dialog also offers text search in a folder, where it will search both the text files and the compiled scripts.

  • By script, the find text and change commands work on AppleScript variables, windows and files. See the details in the chapters below.
Regular expressions in Smile
Regular expressions define a syntax to describe patterns in text. They perform advanced searches such as searching for a class of characters instead of a specific character, for instance the class of the digits. Introductions to the regular expressions and references can be found in various places on the web. One of them is
  • You can use regular expressions, either in the Find dialog in Smile, or by script. In the Find dialog a menu (close to the Regexp check box) provides a short reference for the Regular expressions.
  • By script you still use find text or change, but you specify with regexp.
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