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The User Scripts menu
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  • The User Scripts menu () displays the contents of the User Scripts folders.
  • The User Scripts menu ships with a number of menu items installed by default which are provided as additional tools: the public editions of Smile ship with a default customization. You can uninstall any of the default menu items if you do not need them, and you can install your personal scripts.
  • Selecting an item in the User Scripts menu has the following effect, depending on the kind of the document.
    run the script, or (if selected while holding down ⌥) open the script
    (when this makes sense, the menu takes a reverse or an alternate effect with the ctrl key)
    text file, Smile dialog, QuickTime movie
    open the document
    alias to an application, alias to a scripting addition
    open the file's dictionary
To customize the User Scripts menu, follow the instructions provided in the page below.
For the documentation of the commands installed by default in the User Scripts menu, click below.
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