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The Smile menu bar
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This page lists the specific entries that you can find in the Smile menu bar. Regular menus are not described.
The Smile menu
  • You can access quickly to the AppleScript dictionary of Smile from the Smile ▸ Smile dictionary menu.
  • You can open the Smile registration dialog from the Smile ▸ Register... menu. You can use the registration dialog to enter a registration code, to buy a license or simply to list the currently installed licenses.
  • The Smile ▸ Preferences... menu opens Smile's Preferences dialog.
The File menu
The Edit menu
  • You can compare the text of two windows with the Edit ▸ Compare menu. This will select the first text differences in each of the two frontmost windows.
  • You can clear the Console window with theEdit ▸ Clear console menu.
The Text menu
  • You can shift lines of text selection with the Text ▸ Shift left and Text ▸ Shift right menus.
The Action menu
This menu is specific to the kind of the front window. The Shortcuts menu item describes the possible actions.
The Help menu
  • You can open the SmileLab examples folder with the Help ▸ SmileLab examples menu.
  • You can search Smile web site with the Help ▸ Search online help with Google... menu.
  • You can access to Smile and AppleScript documentation with the Help ▸ Scripting help submenu. In this submenu, you can also access to scripting examples and to a tutorial about scripting and SmileLab.
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