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Smile features two techniques for making a custom interface, where you have the user's actions call scripts in Smile.

  • The custom dialogs: Aqua interfaces that you make in Smile and that you use in Smile,
  • The HTML forms: regular web pages that you make in any HTML editor (you can use Smile's Unicode windows) and that you use either in Smile or in any Internet browser.

dialog is the name of the class of windows which support the Aqua controls. In a dialog, you install scripts to handle the user interface.

In Finder, a Smile's dialog saved as a file displays an icon of a Lego® with Smile's saucer on one side.

web window is the name of the class of windows where Smile displays html files.

Read more about Smile's custom dialogs in the chapters below.
To make a HTML interface to Smile, that you may use from Smile or from an Internet browser, local or remote, use the documentation below.
A set of examples (dialogs and HTML interfaces) ships with Smile, full edition, in /Applications/Smile/Script examples/Smile samples.
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