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Where are the templates?
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  • SmileLab stores default settings in files named template files. A template file is really a .plist file (plist stands for Property list, an XML format).
  • By default SmileLab uses the GraphicWindow.plist file, a file located inside Smile application's package and whose path is: stuff/SmileLabTemplates/GraphicWindow.plist
    To open the package of the Smile application, use the contextual menu in Finder (ctrl-click, or right-click).
  • GraphicWindow.plist is really the template for the graphic window. The default settings for an object that a graphic window can contain (any graphic view) are read from other plist files, whose names are provided in the template for the graphic window (and so on for the objects in the graphic views).
  • To change some of the default settings used by QuickPlotLib, you may edit those plist files. Though, editing the GraphicWindow.plist file and the other default plists will affect SmileLab beyond QuickPlotLib, and is not robust with respect to the installation of the next version of Smile. Thus it is better recommended to proceed as explained in the following pages and use your own template file, that you will be able to store in the user domain.
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