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Activating a template
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  • The instruction to have QuickPlotLib use a given template is SetQPLDefaultTemplate(the_file). The parameter for SetQPLDefaultTemplate is the name of the template file.
  • SetQPLDefaultTemplate searches first for a file with that name in the user domain, in:
    /Users/<login>/Library/Application Support/Smile/More stuff/SmileLabTemplates/
    then it searches the regular folder in Smile application file's package: stuff/SmileLabTemplates
    Thus if you install in the user domain a template with the same name as a default template, yours will become the default template.
  • SmileLab ships with one alternate template file, GrayGraphicWindow.plist, intended for producing documents in gray scale. To select that template instead of the (color) default template, insert the following line in your script before any call to QuickPlotLib.
    Until you run again SetQPLDefaultTemplate or you quit, QuickPlotLib will use the gray level formats. For instance, successive curves will have different dashes instead of different colors.
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