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Extensions for SmileLab
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What is an extension for SmileLab
An extension for SmileLab is a piece of software which provides additional functionalities to Smile, and which concerns data processing and/or data visualization.

The extension consists generally in a Scripting addition or an AppleScript library. It can include both, and it can include additional files such as a specific user interface or sample data and scripts . In either case, the extension adds specific terms to the terminology available from Smile. For instance, once you have installed SpecialFunctions your script will be able to use functions such as bessel or legendre.

It is always a possible option to install the extension in the user domain, so that other users of the same copy of Smile be not affected.
How to download an extension for SmileLab
The Download section of the site is where you can download all the extensions for SmileLab. Currently, all the extensions for SmileLab are free.
Extensions available
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