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Finding a term's definition
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AppleScript commands and classes are defined in AppleScript dictionaries.

To display the entry for a given term in the dictionary where it belongs, select the term, then select Scripting ▸ Find definition ⇧⌘F. This works for commands (for example write), for classes (for example graphic window) and for the handlers which belong to one of the libraries which come with Smile (for example LineTo).

  • Smile searches first its own dictionary, then it searches in AppleScript's basic dictionary and in the dictionaries of the currently installed Scripting Additions.
  • If Smile finds the definition for the term, it opens the dictionary (-ies) where the term was found, and it brings the relevant entry (-ies) into view.
  • If the term does not belong to any of the available dictionaries, Smile searches the hypertext help pages.

Find definition is also available in the contextual menu, which offers also other (contextual) options to get information about the selected term.

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