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Displaying results
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Smile offers several options to display the result of a script run in an AppleScript terminal.
  • Running a script usually produces a result, the value returned by the last line of the script. For instance the result of set myVar to 9, or the result of a script ending with that line, is 9. Note that some commands do not return any result, for instance beep.
  • By default - except for the Worksheet - the result prints to the Console. Using the Scripting menu, you can redirect that output to the end of that same AppleScript terminal where you run the script. ⌥⌘L toggles the output mode between Output to Console and Output in the same window.
  • If the result is too large, only the 10000 first characters will be displayed, followed with an ellipsis (the Preferences dialog lets you can change the maximum number of characters displayed). If the Console is not open yet, or if it was closed, it will automatically open or re-open.
  • If you are running a script in an AppleScript terminal while the Console is hidden behind other windows and you want to bring it to the front, select Console in the Windows menu.
  • Pressing ⌥⌘C clears the Console.
  • By script, you can redirect the output to any AppleScript terminal.
  • You can also instruct Smile not to display the result at all by adding a semicolon at the end of the selection.
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