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Inserting a file's path
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  • Frequently, you want to insert the reference to a given file in a window. Drag its icon from Finder and drop it into the window: this will insert the file path as an alias:
    alias "[volume name]:[folder name]:[...]:[file name]"
    Dropping icons is supported in text windows, in script windows and in Unicode text windows.
  • Instead of an icon from Finder, you can drop an icon from the title bar of a window in Smile, or from any program which supports exporting icons by drag & drop.
  • To insert a file's POSIX path (a string such as "Users/[user name]/[folder name]/[...]/[file name]") instead of an AppleScript reference, hold down the shift key while you drop the icon.
  • Dragging a text clipping inserts its content instead of its path.
  • Dragging a XML file to a Unicode text window inserts the file's content instead of its path.
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