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Satimage-software is launching a new ambitious and exciting web site called Quomodo.

What is it?

Quomodo is a new way to communicate and share within groups.
Basically, Quomodo is a new website that provides a private space where people inside a group can interact thanks to several widgets.

These widgets, called smartnotes on the platform, are little pieces of code written by Quomodo's staff or by other programmers and based on web languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Quomodo is based on AppleScript and Smile but there is no need to know either to create a smartnote.

Who is it for?

Quomodo focuses on existing groups. The first one in people's life is family. But Quomodo also provides services for any other existing group (friends, sport group, association, school group ...) or even for personal use.

Thus, there is no limit to what developers can provide. Organization, communication, sharing, playing, everything is possible as long as there is no copyright issues, and a benefit for users.

What is different?

Quomodo's ambition is to develop a new kind of platform where developers can create smartnotes and get paid for their work!

Indeed, developers can decide whether their contribution is free or not.
If not, Quomodo calculates each month how many users use each developer’s contribution and pays money to each of them proportionally to this use.

Want to join?

If you are interested, joining us is very simple:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. Download the Quomodo Authoring Toolkit (QAT). It contains all the files required to develop new widgets by yourself and a few examples to understand how things work.
  3. Follow the instructions provided at
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