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Satimage-software is a department of Satimage created to take care of the development of Smile, the automation engine that Satimage developed to power custom automated industrial systems.
Our mission
To provide quality visualization software to the scientific, teaching, and engineering communities. To be the world leader in data visualization software for the Apple machine, and to promote high quality graphs as the primary delivery channel of numerical data to humans.
Our business
We will derive our competitive advantage by delivering software with flawless quality, and software more effective than the competitor products with respect to scalability, to the user's personal productivity, to the quality of the documents produced, and to the openness towards existing codes and data.
Our staff
The ambition of our company is our staff's shared ambition. We believe that the world-class talents and skills of our employees, powered by a management aware of each individual's abilities and preferences, are how we serve at best our commitment to quality and to our customers' satisfaction and success.
Our partners
Satimage-software benefits from close and mutually fruitful relations with the many scientific organizations located in Satimage-software's area [1], and with users worldwide. We believe those interactions with users as mission-critical.

Users praise our technical support's responsiveness and efficiency and we shall be worthy their confidence.
[1] More than 6,000 researchers work less than 30 minutes from our company, including CEA (Saclay), Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau), Jussieu (Paris), Université d'Orsay, Laboratoires Thalès.
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