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[Smile] - Free scriptable script editor for AppleScript and graphical user interface builder.
[Satimage osax] - Free scripting addition with regular expressions, fast maths on arrays, and much more.
[Smile goodies] - Additional material intended for making the scripter's life easier and/or happier.
Click here to download Smile 1.8.8 (US version) (1.6 MB)
Click here to download Patch1881, required to open Jaguar files under Smile 1.8.8 (56 KB)
What is Smile?
Smile is a script editor for AppleScript and much more.

Smile is simpler and more user-friendly than Apple's Script Editor, which makes Smile the editor of choice for beginners. Smile implements all the basic features that improve the scripter's experience: "Find definition", in-line script execution, powerful "Find/Replace", "Recent" menu, fast "Open Dictionary", customizable "Scripts" menu and more.

Smile is also a fully object-oriented graphical user interface builder for Mac OS 9.
Since Smile implements the full Appearance interface into AppleScript, you can design rapidly the whole interface required to control virtually any automation task.
Contact us
To contact us please send email to .

Please note: the former address for Satimage is discontinued. Thanks not to use it any longer.
Discussion list

Smile Users List (sul) is the discussion list dedicated to Smile. Get subscribed to sul to stay tuned with the latest updates and release information about Smile, and to share problems, solutions, additions, suggestions and more.

To subscribe, send e-mail to with "subscribe sul" (without the quotes) as the body - whatever the Subject - or simply click .
More information about Smile
  • To open files which were saved by Smile 2.4.6 or higher, you must download and install the patch proposed above (Patch1881).
  • If you wonder how you will like Smile, you may want to know what Smile users say.
  • A long and documented review is available on AppleScript SourceBook.
Satimage osax
Click here to download the Satimage osax 1.8.5 (112 KB)
What is the Satimage osax?
"osax" is the nickname for a Scripting Addition. A Scripting Addition is an extension to the AppleScript language. Satimage implements several technologies into AppleScript, making them available to all scripters:
  • regular expressions, the standard language for advanced text search and replace
  • Navigation Services, the standard, highly customizable, interface dialogs for opening or choosing files and folders
  • resource handling
  • backup, a fast and highly customizable incremental files backup command.
Smile goodies
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