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The tutorial you just followed is intended to help understand how to use SmileLab: your scripts control the SmileLab engine by way of its object model.

This is why Smile's user interface focuses on using AppleScript terminals - or text windows: this is where the user will develop his visualization scripts, and adapt them to his projects.

To build your own projects, start from the examples provided, and refer to the documentation.
  • In the Help ▸ Scripting menu, select SmileLab scripting examples. A new window lists several examples. Select an item in the list on the right, then press 'Enter' to open the corresponding example.
  • You will probably want to use the online documentation for Smile about Data visualization. You can view the documentation for Smile on the Internet with that link, or the documentation included in Smile (same content) by selecting Documentation in the Help menu.
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