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Events sent to the scripts in a dialog
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  • The script of a dialog is where you define how the dialog will handle the events that it is to receive. The dialog will receive events that the user's actions generate, as well as events that Smile sends automatically in several circumstances.
  • All handlers are optional: you provide only those which make sense for your application.
  • All parameters are required in a handler's declaration: the first line of the handler should include all the parameters as specified in the dictionary, including those that you do not intend to use in the handler.
  • The dialog receives the standard Smile events as described in the general section about Smile scripting, for instance prepare when it opens and delete when it closes. About the standard Smile events, see the page below.
  • Dialogs receive a specific event, that you can use to handle the user's actions: click in (note that the verb is click in, not click). The click in call is issued only if the call script property of the control is set to true, in other terms when the use script option is activated in the control's settings dialog. About click in, see the page below.
  • Some of the controls that you can install a dialog support drag-and-drop. About handling drag-and-drop and about the related events drop and export, see the page below.
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