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Scripting a dialog
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To script a dialog, it is better that you be familiar with the manipulations here. They all require that the dialog be in edit mode.
  • to edit the script of the dialog window: ⌘⌥-click in the dialog window, or select Dialog ▸ Edit dialog script in the menu,
  • to edit the script of a control: ⌘⌥-click in the control, or select Dialog ▸ Edit control script in the menu (the menu is available only for controls which may contain other controls),
  • to save the script of an object, use File > Save ⌘S. As long as you do not save the dialog to disk, the script is saved only in the object.
  • to view all the settings of a control: drag it into a text window,
  • to get the reference of a control: ⌘-drag it to a text window.
The chapters below describe the properties of a control which are concerned with scripting, and provide the list of the events that your dialog's scripts may receive and that you may want to handle.
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