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  • AppleScript computes on long integers (4 bytes) and on double precision reals (8 bytes).
  • AppleScript also defines a list type, able of storing an array of numbers. You can perform computations on numbers and on lists of numbers, using the arithmetic operators and the set of mathematical (transcendental etc) functions provided.
  • AppleScript supports coercion of one type into another, using the as keyword. Actually as serves various purposes, for instance you use as to specify what kind of data to read in a file.
  • AppleScript reads and writes numbers in binary format (short and long integers, single and double precision reals), so you can use AppleScript for data input/output.
  • The list structure is very versatile, this is why it is not a packed data type. For this reason, beyond array sizes of several hundreds the list structure will slow down your program, so you have to use the equivalent packed list data type that Smile defines, array of real, as documented in Smile's maths.
For more details on the computational features of AppleScript, please use the links below.
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