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AppleScript's operators
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  • AppleScript defines the following operators.
    numeric binary operators on numbers
    + - * / ^ div mod (div and mod work with real numbers, for instance pi mod 1.57 returns 0.00159265359)
    numeric unary operator on numbers
    - (negates)
    boolean binary operators on numbers
    < <= >= >
    boolean binary operators on anything
    = /=
    boolean binary operators on booleans
    or and
    boolean unary operator on booleans
    string/list/record binary operator on strings/lists/records
    & (concatenation)
    AppleScript defines other operators. The full list of the operators that AppleScript supports is given in the AppleScript Suite of AppleScript's own dictionary: select File ▸ Open dictionaries ▸ AppleScript.

  • Smile supports the transcendental functions (cos sqrt etc.). Those work on reals as well as on lists and on arrays of real, and they are documented in the chapter about the arrays of real, in the page below.
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