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Copy and paste views - graphic layout
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You can copy-paste views in other graphic windows using the contextual menu. This and the ability to move and resize the views (documented here) allow you to organize the layout of a graphic combining several views.

  • To copy a view, choose Copy view in its contextual menu.
  • The view can be pasted only in a free area where there is no view.
    You may want to extend the window's frame to have a free area where to paste the view. You can resize the window's frame in edit mode by dragging its bottom right corner.
  • To paste a view in a graphic window, choose Paste view in the contextual menu of the graphic window. The view will be centered on the mouse's position.
  • You can move and resize the window's views (by mouse in edit mode, or by script) to enhance the layout. In edit mode, a visual help is provided as dash lines when some frames are aligned.

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