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Moving and resizing graphs
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The graphic window supports a special mode, the edit mode, that you toggle on and off with the Edit ▸ Edit mode menu item. When the graphic window is in edit mode, you can move and resize its page and the graphic views.
  • When you toggle the graphic window into edit mode the window displays the boundaries of the graphic window's page and of the graphic views.
  • Each graphic view displays at least two rectangles: its frame, which is the rectangle inside which that graphic view draws, and its plot frame - usually a smaller rectangle - which is the rectangle inside which that graphic view plots data. A graphic view often displays a third rectangle: the legend frame.

The legend frame, the plot frame, the view's frame, and the window's frame, which is the PDF page.
You can move the frames by dragging them with the mouse and you can resize them by dragging their bottom right corner. To move or resize a plot frame or a legend frame, you need to hold on the ⌘ (cmd) key pressed.

When you adjust the sizes of the graphs (with the mouse or by script) we advise to follow a larger-to-smaller objects order.
  1. adjust first the PDF page's size. The PDF page is the white rectangle over a grey background that you see when you enlarge the graphic window's boundaries. (By script, adjust the graphic window's pagewidth and pageheight properties.)
  2. then adjust the frame of the graphic view. Moving and resizing the frame moves and resizes the graphic view as a whole, including the graph that it contains.
  3. adjust the plot frame of the graphic view. When you move or resize the plot frame, the legend frame moves in an attempt to stick as much as possible to the plot's previous aspect.
  4. finally, if this makes sense, adjust the legend frame.
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