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Making a dialog stand-alone
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Once your dialog final, you may want to distribute it to other users or to clients. You can choose one out of several routes for that, which are presented in this page.
If you wonder what exactly your rights are, since you will be distributing material which is not fully yours, visit the page for our licensing terms.
Your users are regular users of Smile, or they are not but there is no problem having them run Smile in its standard configuration
You can distribute directly the dialog as you have developed it for yourself, provided you take into account the precautions given in the page below. If they do not have Smile, you tell your users to install it once for all.
Your users are not users of Smile, you do not want them to run a standard configuration of Smile but they can accept to install Smile
Your users are not familiar with Smile. When they will double-click your dialog this will launch Smile: their Smile must run in a minimized configuration to make their experience of your dialog transparent. Your dialog has to take specific steps when it launches (such as setting a minimal menu bar) and when the user closes it (you may prefer Smile to quit when the user closes the dialog).
If you intend to distribute more than one dialog in the future, it would be better that you insist that your users accept to install Smile once for all: your various tools will then be able to naturally interact and share resources.
The page below provides the instructions to have your dialog perform the specific steps to make the user's experience transparent, and provides an example.
Your users are not users of Smile, but they cannot accept to install another application than your solution
There is not such a thing as a "runtime framework for Smile", which would allow your dialog to run alone. The application that you will distribute has to include Smile's whole executable code - note that on the other hand it can make use of all the features of Smile. Smile's Make stand-alone application menu command will make that application for you. Your application's file size will be significantly larger than your dialog alone: at least 4.5 MB (1.2 MB once compressed).
Once your application made with Make stand-alone application, you can customize it further to a high extent: you can fully customize its menus, implement your own html help pages in its Help menu etc.
The page below provides the instructions to make a dialog into a stand-alone application.
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