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SmileLab lets you import an image into a matrix (a 2d array) that you can use with Smile's maths commands. SmileLab does not import the color information of the image, only the gray levels.
  • You can import the gray levels from a bitmap image stored as a file: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and PSD. This is described in Importing an image into a matrix.
  • You can import the gray levels from a movie open in Smile (and, since you can do so by script, you can process a whole movie automatically). To that effect and before opening the movie you must set Smile to open movies in gray scale instead of colors. Enable Display movies as gray scale in the Advanced section of the Preferences dialog pane.

    How to import data from a movie is described in Importing the frames of a movie into a matrix

SmileLab offers a versatile and powerful tool for analyzing images: the particles command, which extracts and analyses the particles in an image. The particles command is better used with the help of a library, ParticlesLib, which offers related image processing routines.
ParticlesLib is an Extension for SmileLab documented in the page Particles.
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