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Thanks to you!

Thanks much to the numerous users who provide us with bug reports, improvement suggestions, and also with massive encouragements. Users help us much by supplying valuable technical input and warm support.

Be it quoted in the short selection below or not, be it past or future, thanks for your feedback.
  • I have to tell you that it is a sheer pleasure to use Smile! (PMN)
  • First, let me say I use your product and find it to be very useful. (JN)
  • I am a very devoted user of your SMILE script editor. (GB)
  • I've just upgraded to Mac OS X and have d/l'd Smile 2.3.0 and am very pleased :) (PD)
  • Great product. Thanks for making it available. (JM)
  • Merci pour votre application me permettant enfin de concevoir des scripts en toute sécurité malgré mon niveau plus que débutant. (MD)
  • I have just begun using Smile (1.8.4) and find it excellent. (PT)
  • I love the program and use it every day. (PF)
  • Your Guided Tour for the Smile script editor is delightful: imaginative and very well executed. (Smile itself seems to have the same qualities.) (ELW)
  • Smile is a wonderful environment. (JS)
  • I can't wait to see Smile 2.3. (BN)
  • Great job on Smile! (RT)
  • Change every file of every subfolder of selection from creator AppleScript to creator Smile. (RC)
  • D'abord: j'adore "Smile". Je m'en sers depuis une semaine à peu près et j'en suis ravi. Enfin je trouve tout ce qui me manque avec "Script Editor". (TB)
  • I just completed an intensive 2 weeks of AppleScripting scripting (my first real foray into AS) and it would have been much more difficult without Smile. (BG)
  • smile is great. I use it every day. (AB)
  • Smile rocks! (BK)
  • Smile is really wonderful. (FOR)
  • I just downloaded Smile 1.8.0, and it's *wonderful* ! I do very little AppleScripting, so when I want to do something it's a constant chore looking everything up. You've made it so easy! And also easy to test things on a line-by-line basis. (DE)
  • I wanted to write to you to tell you what a great job you've done with Smile. (JR)
  • I've been using Smile for a couple of weeks now and I love it. (MJ)
  • I'm a user of Smile 1.7.5. It's marvellous software. (TD)
  • If ran from inside Smile it works fine, what's the difference? (J453)
  • You make me happy! (BE)
  • OH MY GOD!
    I just downloaded the lastest version (1.7.1) and am absolutely blown away. (SB)
  • Top ten list of sources for "more-or-less official" AppleScript documentation:
    6) Type your question into a Smile text window, select it and hit <enter> (feature will be in next release) (OH)
  • I had Smile (v. 1.71) sitting on my computer so I decided to switch over. Wow! This has power! (SS)
  • i just installed Smile to get rid of that stupid script lenght limitations (:OP ). ANd i have to admit it rocks :O). (gO)
  • Don t bother. get smile. its better. (MB)
  • It is truly remarkable. (PMA)
  • To me at least, it is really no point attempting to compare Apple's script editor with the versatility of Smile. (BNB)
  • Congratulations to your excellent AppleScript editor. I like it - and recommend it whenever I can. (MH)
  • After getting up to speed on Smile today, Smile has proven to be the ONLY advanced development environment I have found for building AppleScripts. You people evidently had all the right ideas for making AppleScript development easier. (MC)
  • Petit bijou, votre soft! (BF)
  • For some reason, it runs very much faster in Smile than in Script Editor. (NG)
  • Un grand remerciement pour cet éditeur exceptionnel. (PAB)
  • I've been using SMILE for about two weeks now and I find it very useful. (CE)
  • I love it.  It is perfect for the amount of scripting that I do. (AD)
  • Smile seems to be the right choice for a hobbist. (PBN)
  • I've played with AppleScript on and off for 5 years now. Smile has been the best thing I've used. (JW)
  • I have been using Smile for about 2-3 weeks, and I love it. I can quickly find the definition of most any command that I select, or if I want, I can have Smile fill in the remainder of a selected command. (BBR)
  • I really like it. The Worksheet is especially handy for LEARNING and TESTING code snippets. (PS)
  • Bad News ... my script will not open. Good News ... Smile WILL open it. In fact, I can edit, compile and save the script with no problem. (LF)
  • Long live Smile! (Vive le sourire!) :-))) (PBZ)
  • Thank you very much for Smile. It is the most aptly named program. It is a joy to use such a well made program which is so useful. It is my "Swiss Army knife": it is almost always running and almost always with a window open. (DZ)
  • I really love Smile for use as script development editor. (JE)
  • "Smile" would increase your face value. (BB)
  • By the way, I'm enjoying using SMILE. Thanks for making a great product. (PW)
  • I must say that Smile 1.6 is absolutely awesome. It's better than any of the available editors, fast, and customizable to the max. (RP)
  • SMILE is powerful, infinitely extensible, up to date and exciting. It allows you, as you get to know it, to create a whole scripting environment. (JD)
  • Works like a charm, and sure saves a LOT of time and headache! I love it! Thank you! =) (DBE)
  • Actually if they bundled Smile with the OS this might be a good solution. (DBN)
  • Smile works Fine. It always works Fine. (JY)
  • I will be deploying on our school network today (108 Mac's) for all of our scripters to use. I am sure they will welcome the fresh change. Many Many many Thanks for such a great product!! (CM)
  • Thanks thanks thanks Satimage for your "intelligent toys for deficient boys"... ;-) (VB)
  • Now I understand the name. The more I use it, the more I smile. (DW)

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