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Drawing texts with the graphic engine
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The graphic engine supports Unicode text. This page describe an additional specific syntax to draw special characters.
Subscripts and Superscripts
You can display a character as a subscript or as a superscript like in TeX with _ and ^. To group characters use the braces { [...] }.
  • ^ (hat) displays the subsequent character or group as a superscript. For example, x^2 displays x²
  • _ (underscore) displays the subsequent character or group as a subscript.
Unicode characters
To insert a Unicode character given its code, use the \0xhhhh␣ notation: backslash, zero, and x, followed by the hexadecimal representation of the Unicode character's code and space. For instance, \0x2718 (or DrawString("\\0x2718 ")) correspond to a check mark.
To view the available characters use the MacOSX Character palette, the hexadecimal code is displayed in the expandable lower pane of the palette.
Greek letters
\alpha, \beta, ... to \omega: the lowercase greek letters from α to ω.
\varpi, \vartheta, \varphi, \varsigma: the special forms ϖ, ϑ, ϕ and ς.
\Gamma to \Omega: the uppercase greek letters from Γ to Ω. The greek letters which are the same character as a roman character (for instance capital alpha or capital beta) are not implemented.
Mathematical symbols (LaTeX metacharacters)
The graphic engine supports the following subset of LaTeX mathematical metacharacters. This feature does not require that TeX nor LaTeX be installed on your machine.







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