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Here are comments about some problems that you may experience while building a scriptable code, starting from a sample project.
In order to detect problems as early as possible, we advise that you compile your project as frequently as possible.

  • Xcode can't find some file when I attempt a Build
    Such a problem may happen for instance in Xcode 2.2 if one of the files displays in red in your project (Xcode cannot find it), and you specify its (new) path by editing the file's properties: once the path specified, the file displays in black in the project but it remains not found in the Build phase.
    This is a bug in Xcode. The workaround is to close the project and open it again: that should fix the problem.
  • I have renamed some files (or a folder which contains project files), now the project does not compile
    We advise to close the project before renaming the .xcode file or a folder which contains that file.
    If you want to rename a project file, do it in Xcode, use the File > Rename menu.
    The .sdef file and the .r file of the Xcode project must share the same name.
    The name of the .pch file has to be equal to the Prefix Header in the target's compilation options.
  • My project compiles all right but the application does not get launched, and I cannot access its AppleScript dictionary
    Check that the name of the executable file in the application's bundle (in [bundle's name]/Contents/MacOS/) is the same as the CFBundleExecutable parameter in the Info.plist file. If such is not the case, fix the Info.plist file.
  • The osax project seems to compile all right but the changes do not get saved
    Check that the project's target is the one you want. For example, if you are debugging your osax project and you do "build and run", the target has to be the debugging application, not the osax.
  • The application "unexpectedly quits" when I call the compiled code from AppleScript. Possibly, after several successful calls.
    Run the code in debug mode. Most probably you are experiencing some memory management trouble. Check carefully that you are not calling free nor delete on a variable which was already disposed of . Check that you are not calling AEDisposeDesc on a AEDesc which was not correctly initialized.
    If you are adapting a UNIX code, check that it is not calling exit() or abort() or another function of the same kind when some error occurs.
  • The SampleAppFortran77 project does not compile
    This project uses a script which compiles a FORTRAN file: /opt/ibmcmp/xlf/8.1/bin/xlf -c Heatf.f -o build/Heatf.o. To edit the script, expand the triangle of the target Targets > HeatEquation, select Shell Script Files, then select File > Get Info in the menu. You must adapt the script to your own project to compile properly FORTRAN files.
    You will need a FORTRAN compiler for this project.
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