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Making a code scriptable
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  • What you get when you make a code into a scriptable application is the following.
    • you benefit from a much more comfortable and versatile context to control and schedule your code, and exchange data with it,
    • you can interact with your application while it is running and monitor it from Smile - or from any application able to run scripts,
    • you can perform interactive debugging while developing your program.

  • For the instructions to make your code into an osax, download the sample code folder from the page below and use the SampleApp project for XCode. The SampleApp is an engine for computing the evolution of a temperature field with the heat equation.
  • If you are doing heavy calculations, when you call your scriptable application from a script, it may remain busy for a while. If you take no specific step, your script will hang until the current computation completes.
    AppleScript has a standard way of making a call return immediately, while the called program runs in the background. For the instructions, read the page below.
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