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The XNF data format
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Satimage-software introduces a modern and extensible public file format to store numerical data: XNF. As for the 2.0 version, an XNF file may contain any number of numerical data arrays.

An XNF file includes a table of contents consisting in a specific XML document, where each array is identified by a unique name - any Unicode string.

You can use XNF files on any platform, and a XNF-able software can be written for any system. On a Mac, Smile is a favorable environment for working with XNF files.

You can also download an XNF library written in C/C++ from this site.
About XNF
Information about the XNF format.
The XNF commands
XMLLib.osax's commands to browse, read, and write XNF files.
The XNF 2.0 DTD
The reference to fill (and parse) the XML table of contents of an XNF file.
The index
A XNF file includes a table of content, index.xnf, stored as XML. View an example.
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