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XNF 2.0 library for C/C++
Does not require Smile.
Requirements: libxml2 (cross-platform)
Zip archive (20 KB)
C/C++ files.

The XNF 2.0 library ships with a basic sample code.

This download includes an Xcode project for MacOSX.

This 2.0 version of the project is relative to the new XNF DTD XNFv2.dtd located at (click here to view the DTD as text).
SpecialFunctions osax 1.3.1 (build 14)
Not included in the download of Smile.
Can be used without Smile.
For Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Last update: September 07, 2012.
Free by courtesy of B. Bernu
Size : 600 KB
The most common special mathematical functions, Legendre etc.
ConvexPoly osax 2.0 (build 1)
Not included in the download of Smile.
Can be used without Smile
For Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
Free by courtesy of F. Delyon and M. Duneau.
Size : 1 MB
Manipulation and visualization of convex polyhedra. Handling of polyhedra by reference. Support for the .ine format. Includes "intersect2d", computes the 2D projections of which fractions of a 3D segment are visible, hidden, or inside a given polyhedron.
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