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What is Smile Server?
Smile Server is a set of functionalities that permits to handle cgi requests in Smile. This is a way to transform your computer into a server of web services managed by Smile. With Smile Server, you can:
  • receive and handle http requests (cgi and xml-rpc),
  • communicate with others Smile applications over TCP/IP,
  • easily distribute tasks between different Smile applications on a same machine or on a local network, by using Apple's Bonjour technology.
What can I do with Smile Server?

Smile is abled to serve requests sent from a user's Internet browser, through a specific cgi program we provide. All what you can do with Smile can become accessible on the web or on your local network. You have to write an HTML page with a form that will call a cgi on your computer, and to handle those calls in Smile (for example, you can reply an HTML web page containing the requested informations).

Furthermore, it is possible to establish a communication between two Smile applications, locally or remotely. Communication between two Smile's can be performed by use of the eppc protocol. However, the eppc protocol implies many potential problems, and the mechanism proposed here is simpler and more reliable in most situations.

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