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Known bug in SmileLab 3.2.3
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Opening an ASCII file in Smile 3.2.3

Smile 3.2.3 users may have difficulties to open an ascii file using the plotting interface. The file may be recognized as a binary file instead of an ascii file. This is a known bug of Smile 3.2.3.

Note that this bug does not stop you opening saved plots using ascii files and then it is possible to modify the file path in the related text field to plot a new file.

As this bug can be very inconvenient for SmileLab users, we recommend to everyone who need this feature to install Smile 3.3.0 which is available in a beta version until a new official version is released.

Downloading Smile 3.3.0 beta version

Important notice: Using Smile 3.3.0 implies several important changes in file formats (AppleScript terminals are saved in a different format which don't reopen as AppleScript terminals in old versions of Smile) and in some AppleScript commands (ufind text and uchange are automatically replaced by find text and change). Thus if you are working with scripts and if you install Smile 3.3.0, going back to the official version (3.2.3) may be difficult for that reason.

Download the latest beta version here: Smile 3.3.0 beta (build 473)

For more info about what's new in this beta version, please consult the Smile 3.3.0's release notes.

If you have any trouble with Smile 3.3.0, please contact us.

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