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Programming an object
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You can attach scripts to the objects of Smile. The script of an object contains handlers which may handle the events sent by Smile, and handlers that may be used on the spot or by other scripts using the tell the_object [...] end tell construct: Smile redirects to its script the commands sent to an object.

To edit an object's script, click its contents with the ⌥⌘ keys pressed. This opens a script window. Saving the script window changes the current script of the object. When you save the object to disk, its script is saved or not, depending on the class of the object: text windows, dialogs and graphic windows saved as SmileLab bundles save their scripts.

If the object is a dialog or a graphic window, or if it belongs to an object of those classes, you can edit its script only when in edit mode. To toggle a dialog or a graphic window into edit mode, select Edit ▸ Edit mode ⌘Y.
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