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Creating a matrix from an array of real
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  • To make a new matrix given its array of real just create the record.
    set m to {class:matrix, ncols:200, nrows:150, array of real:a}
  • Alternately, use the handler ArrayToMatrix (also defined as MatrixFromArray) that Smile defines as a shortcut for that.
    set m to ArrayToMatrix(the_array, n_cols, n_rows)
    -- is equiavalent to:
    set m to {class:matrix, ncols:n_cols, nrows:n_rows, array of real:the_array}
    ArrayToMatrix accepts as the_array, either an array of real, or a list of arrays of real, in which case it will return a list of matrices.
  • It is your responsibility that the array of real's size be equal to ncols * nrows.
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